Discover the New eBay Collections

eBay have recently launched their new collections feature which I am really excited about. I have been working with them and have created 12 lovely collections featuring health and beauty products so far, but I plan to continue adding lots more collections because I just love them!

The collections are perfect for creating wish lists, wedding planning, party planning, organising your home, decorating inspiration and so many other things. I am a very visual person, so these really appeal to me and I have really enjoyed creating my collections.

You can create a collection simply by finding a product that you like and clicking on ‘add to collection’. This will allow you to create a collection or add the item to an existing collection. You can browse through the trending collections for inspiration, you will find these on the eBay home page.

You can find all of my collections here on my collections page and I’m also going to tell you about a few of my collections!

You know me and my love of having pretty nails, so the very first collection I created was my pretty nails collection because every woman should always have pretty nails!  Gorgeous painted nails make you feel so much better about yourself! I never leave the house without my nails painted now! You can find lots of great polishes and products to keep your nails in great shape in this collection!

As we are making our way quickly to Summer one of my other collection is called Get Ready for Summer. This contains everything you can think of to get your body ready for the warmer weather like exfoliators, razors, waxing kits, sun creams and more. Putting everything in one place like this reminds me exactly what I need to buy in time for my big holiday this year.

My other collections include Bad Hair Day, An Explosion in my Bath, Kids Fun in the Tub and more, so come on over and follow me and my collections and why not have a go at making your own.

The eBay collections really have made the eBay experience much more pleasurable for me. It now has a social element to it because I can follow my friends collections too!

I’m really excited to see how the collections feature takes off over the coming months, I hope people love them as much as I do :)

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A Guide to Stopping Smoking

As a lot of you who stop by here know, last year I gave up smoking. I have struggled with smoking since my very early teens. I managed to give up while I was pregnant but was always drawn back to it straight after, I gave up successfully for a couple of years after I had my daughter and then I went out with friends had one and just started again just like that!

Last year I just decided enough was enough and I stopped with the help of my GP! It hasn’t been easy but I am getting up for a year now and I haven’t thought about smoking for a while now! I really love being free from it and have promised myself I will never smoke again! If you are thinking about stopping smoking, get help and do it! You will be so much better off for it!!


I actually used the Nicorette App that is talked about at the end of the infographic and I found it incredibly helpful! The best part about it for me is the tally it keeps for you.

This is how I have got on so far…

Photo 19-03-2014 19 34 18

I find it really encouraging to use this app and I love to see how much money I have saved :)

Seriously if I can do it anyone can!! Go for it xx

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Win a Box of Chocolate Goodies from Sugarpoke

The lovely folks at Sugarpoke are offering my lovely readers the chance to win one of their gorgeous ‘Dream Machine‘ packages worth £19.99.

Never heard of Sugarpoke? well here’s a little bit about them :)

Here at we provide luxury birthday cards along with delicious goodies to eat which make the perfect token treat, whether you’re looking to say hi, get well soon, thanks, happy birthday, happy Valentines Day, that was a great date, sorry, nice to see you…the list goes on!

Many of our pokes are letterbox friendly, so they’ll fit straight through most standard sized UK letterboxes – so no irritating hanging around waiting for deliveries! Plus, with the inclusion of our exclusively designed sugarpoke greetings cards, they’re just perfect for sending straight to the lucky recipients themselves. So say goodbye to scouring the shops for a card and then remembering to buy stamps and eventually post it – just sugarpoke instead! And with every one of our pokes priced including 1st class postal delivery, there’s no nasty surprises halfway through the checkout! And if you’ve cut it a bit fine, then feel free to upgrade to our next working day delivery service!

The sugarpoke ethos is delicious fun – plain and simple – so all our products not only taste simply divine, but they’re named with a glint in the eye too – whether it’s Don’t Get in a Flap, Jack – great for pre-exam stress relief wishes, or Blimey, Minted! to congratulate a promotion or even to get in the good books of some lucky Lottery winner, as well as Bit of a Fruitcake for your nuttiest mate, get sugarpoking now, and you’ll be everyone’s top friend in no time at all!

The Dream Machine sounds lovely and if you win you can keep it all for yourself and enjoy a little bit of luxury or have it sent to someone special!


 The stuff that dreams are made of contained in one big box of pure indulgence….. particularly for all those that can’t resist a dessert we have:

Delectable Desserts – a premium box of chocolates if ever there was one! Hand-made chocs with a fabulous dessert theme ready to melt in their mouth and tantalize taste buds – before or after dinner

Raspberry Crush – a big bar of dark chocolate with a raspberry swirl and decorated with crushed raspberries 110g

Lemon Meringue Swirl – a big 110g bar of white chocolate topped with meringue pieces

Marvellous Mallows – a big bag (100g) of the softest fluffiest mallow pillows just full of squidgy yumminess!

Sounds heavenly doesn’t it!! All you need to do to enter is complete the Rafflecopter below! Good luck.

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Bags: Mamami Amara Baby Changing Bag

A couple of years ago I was very lucky to be sent a Mamami Amara by the gorgeous Chet to review. I’ve just noticed that Chet is having an end of line sale with 50% off remaining stock so I thought I would tell you about them!

If you are on the look out for a totally gorgeous baby changing bag then this is the bag for you!

Here is a video I made a couple of years back when I reviewed it :)

The Mamami changing bags come in Shivali Shimmer or Amara Dramatic and at 50% off they are an absolute bargain! My little boy is three and a half now and I still use my Amara all the time. :O)

Gorgeous Watches Perfect for your Valentine!

It’s been such a LONG time since I owned a watch. At one time I could not be without one, but over the years of having small children around me it just hasn’t been a very high priority! I would love to own a really nice watch again. When I came across The Watch Hut I was blown away by all the different designs and styles that you can get now!

With Valentines Day just around the corner I thought it would be perfect to pick out some that would be perfect for your Valentine. So here are my top three for him and top three for her.

For the man in your life…

For the lady in your life…

I’m sure you’ll agree how lovely they all are; if one of these isn’t for you then make sure you check out The Watch Hut’s website as they have an enormous range of watches, they offer free UK and European delivery and free UK returns by collect+!

I’m definitely going to be trying to drop a few hints about getting a new watch now, watches nowadays are so pretty and elegant. Now which one to choose…

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Giving Extra to Someone Special

The lovely people at the Halifax invited me to take part in their ‘Giving Extra to Someone Special’ campaign recently which involved them sending me a £50 Amazon voucher and me spending said voucher on someone special! I loved the idea of this campaign and wanted to treat someone who I wouldn’t normally buy for but means an awful lot to me!

I treated a very special friend who is ALWAYS there for me, living without having any family near by is really quite hard and this friend has supported me through some awful times and has helped me so much and is always there whenever I might need her! Friends like this are so very rare and I am so pleased I got the chance to spoil her a little!

So what did I buy her…

Firstly she loves Cath Kidston so I found this gorgeous Mug in Gift Tin for £10.00 that she will absolutely love!


Then I found this lovely Cath Kidston Blossom Bath and Body Gift Bag for £15.00…


Lastly because she is a very busy Mum of four who always has to be in some place else I got her this Filofax Personal Springboard Organiser, she has often commented on my Filofax so I thought this would be a perfect gift for her! £1.50 is also donated to the children’s charity Springboard as well – At £27.67 this pushed me over my budget of £50.00 but only buy a couple of pounds and she is totally worth every penny!

Photo 18-12-2013 10 52 37

So what do you think, do you think she will like them, would you be pleased with them?

I cannot wait to give them her on Christmas Eve! She will be so surprised and I just hope she realises how much she means to me :O)

Bigger is Better is true in many ways

As a photographer having a great camera with me at all times is really important to me, I would be completely lost with out one! Sometimes it can get a bit of a drag having to lug my DSLR’s around with me so having a really great compact system camera is vital!

I adore the look and style of the new compact system camera from Sony, they are perfect for popping in your handbag whilst going out for the day with the girls or your family! I hate to compromise on image quality so having a really great compact camera is so much easier and more convenient!

The old saying ‘bigger is better’ is true in many ways I am sure; the infographic below shows you where being bigger can give an advantage but I’m not in total agreement about being taller than average can make you happier, I am taller than average and I can be quite self conscious about it in all honesty! I can go out with a group of friends in my heels and tower above them all and it can make me feel like a bit of a freak… I know of other tall people who feel the same so I don’t fully believe that.

I can tell you that a big sensor will give you much better pictures though, bigger is most definitely better there, all that sensor packed into an adorable little camera makes for one hell of a camera!

Sonys’ NEX range of camera include 4 brilliant cameras that are a step up from an ordinary point and shoot but an easy to carry alternative to your DSLR without having to worry about image quality! There are 4 cameras in the NEX range starting with the beginner 3N through to the 7N which is for a more advanced photographer. You can also choose from a range of lenses which makes them very adaptable! What’s not to love about that?

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MoneySupermarket’s Big Night In

When I was approached recently by Money Supermarket to ask if I’d like to receive £50 to create my very own ‘Big Night In‘ I jumped at the chance… You see it’s not very often that I stop working long enough to do something in an evening, I usually work until midnight and then roll into bed, so with £50 and this ‘excuse’ I knew exactly what I was going to spend it on…

I could have invited friends round for a meal – I didn’t

I could have created a romantic evening for me and my partner – I didn’t

I could have bought some movies and let the kids stay up for a movie night – I didn’t

Instead I was totally selfish, I waited until my other half was away on business and then I took myself to town,

First to Lush (OH hates Lush so I only buy when he is away) to stock up on some pampering goodies.

Photo 03-07-2013 19 59 20

Then to Hotel Chocolat for some gorgeous chocolates.


Next  to a cute little gift shop to buy some gorgeous scented candles.

Photo 03-07-2013 19 58 10

Lastly I bought a bottle of my favourite wine.

See what I mean? Totally and utterly selfish… but very much deserved!

Firstly I made sure the kids were fast asleep…

Then I ran a huge bubble bath with my Lush products, applied a gorgeous face mask, poured myself a large glass of wine, made sure my chocolates were in easy reach and then I sank down in the most glorious bath surrounded by candlelight!

Photo 04-07-2013 10 38 48

It doesn’t get much simpler than that but only one word can describe my ‘big night in’ and that word is… Heaven!

Photo 04-07-2013 10 37 54

A huge thank you to Money Supermarket for giving me £50 to treat myself – What would you have spent it on?