Giving Extra to Someone Special

The lovely people at the Halifax invited me to take part in their ‘Giving Extra to Someone Special’ campaign recently which involved them sending me a £50 Amazon voucher and me spending said voucher on someone special! I loved the idea of this campaign and wanted to treat someone who I wouldn’t normally buy for but means an awful lot to me!

I treated a very special friend who is ALWAYS there for me, living without having any family near by is really quite hard and this friend has supported me through some awful times and has helped me so much and is always there whenever I might need her! Friends like this are so very rare and I am so pleased I got the chance to spoil her a little!

So what did I buy her…

Firstly she loves Cath Kidston so I found this gorgeous Mug in Gift Tin for £10.00 that she will absolutely love!


Then I found this lovely Cath Kidston Blossom Bath and Body Gift Bag for £15.00…


Lastly because she is a very busy Mum of four who always has to be in some place else I got her this Filofax Personal Springboard Organiser, she has often commented on my Filofax so I thought this would be a perfect gift for her! £1.50 is also donated to the children’s charity Springboard as well – At £27.67 this pushed me over my budget of £50.00 but only buy a couple of pounds and she is totally worth every penny!

Photo 18-12-2013 10 52 37

So what do you think, do you think she will like them, would you be pleased with them?

I cannot wait to give them her on Christmas Eve! She will be so surprised and I just hope she realises how much she means to me :O)

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